Two travel secrets


Here are a few secrets I’d like to share from my travels, if you’d like to see…

City guides: I have a confession to make: when I visited Rio de Janiero, I skipped out on Christ the Redeemer. On my last trip to Paris, I only reluctantly visited the Eiffel Tower. Instead, I created my trip by outsourcing online. 

There are so many cultural calendars and recommendations that I’ve latched onto. For Paris, I love this site and this. And Copenhagen, this. As well, I’m a fan of these travel guides- and (surprisingly!) Pinterest.

But of course, there’s just something about la tour Eiffel scintillating in the purple night; I get that as well. 

My essential travel app: I never travel without a digital map of my bookmarked places on CityMaps2Go. Maps can be used through this app completely offline and real-time location detected by, but not connecting to, wifi networks around you. Handy for estimating distances and when jumping into foreign taxis. 

For when renting a car or roadtrips abroad, I also love this.

Where are you going on your next trip? I’ve been dreaming of here, xo.

(film still via telegraph)

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