Our trip to Copenhagen


Our week abroad was truly incredible and we both agreed that Copenhagen is a top contender on our list of places to settle down (if only it weren’t so cold in every season but summer!).

Here are some pictures of our May trip, if you’d like to see…


I arrived very early on a Sunday morning only to realize that I’d forgotten to pack my toothbrush and that every pharmacy was closed for the day! Thankfully, I managed to pick up the last toothbrush in stock at a grocery store nearby.

All the neighborhood flower shops were open, though. There’s something quite beautiful about wrapped flowers on a window sill. So I took a picture 🙂


Naturally, one of the first things we thought to do was rent a boat. Navigating took a little getting used to, hence my flabbergasted expression.


I thought the opera house was an oddity. It kinda reminded me of this but it’s easy to believe that the acoustics inside are amazing.




We enthusiastically waved and called hello as we passed by some full-fledged sailors (!) They seemed very friendly… or perhaps they were chuckling to themselves?



One of my best friends visits Norway every summer and commented on the uniformity of Oslo: “Everybody wears solid colors, lives in the same apartment complexes in the city and shops at the same grocery stores. You can only really catch a hint of socioeconomic differences by the subtle quality of their clothes, etc.”

As we turned into a residential sprawl, I wondered if it was the same in Copenhagen.





We stayed in Nørrebro during the second leg of our trip. I loved the little touches in our Airbnb. During our tour, our host Merete mentioned as an aside “oh yes, and there’s a little ice cream shop downstairs”.

We ended up getting ice cream from there every day of our stay.


Even during the summer (as it does get chilly at night), restaurants will provide wool blankets for guests who prefer to dine outside in lieu of heat lamps. It seems the Danes live by this saying: “If it gets too cold, add a blanket.” Suddenly, I didn’t feel too guilty about eating ice cream with temperatures in the mid-60s.


They say the Danes are the most trusting people in the world and here is evidence. We saw a mom who pushing her infant along in a stroller dawdle in front of the ice cream shop, check for pocket change and proceed singularly inside. I was aware of this phenomenon, but it’s another to see it in person!

One of our new Danish friends later questioned why anyone would steal a baby: “They’re stinky and cry and take so much work to care for. I don’t know anyone other than the parents who would volunteer to take on that job.” Well said!





We had the most amazing food in Copenhagen. We went here and here and here, where the carpaccio is something out of a dream. It seemed like every 10 feet, there was a great restaurant.




One thing you notice immediately about Copenhagen is the large population of bikes. Yes, rush hour in the bike lane is real! Funnily enough, bike theft is the most common crime in the city. Another Danish friend emphasized something to us: “I bet that at least 1 in 4 locals has stolen a bike at some point. You come out of a club late at night to discover that your bike has been taken? No sweat, you just take another one. It’s like karma.”

Copenhagen, I love you!

As a side note, here’s a few pictures of my travel companion in his natural state…lying down 🙂



(Pictures from my Nikon D5300)

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