A tip for entertaining

There’s just something about having friends over to perk up an evening. I once had a friend share his take on hosting dinners: “I only concern myself with mastering a handful of recipes. What more do I need?”.

Indeed, I am a believer in timeless recipes and food pairings (which goes hand-in-hand with minimizing stress). Here are some of my go-to ideas…


entree: pan-roasted chicken with rosemary, garlic and lemon; sides: caramelized pearl onions, roasted haricot verts, mash; wine: this year’s beaujolais nouveau; dessert: chocolate mousse (just like how they serve it at Chez Janou!)


entree: pan-seared scallops on bed of risotto, seafood broth, microgreens, cracked pepper; sides: pan-roasted asparagus; wine: chenin blanc; dessert: seasonal fruit tart from a favorite local bakery


entree: pappardelle bolognese with grated carrots; sides: heirloom tomatoes with flaked sea salt, arugula with dressing of dijion mustard, minced garlic, worcestershire and olive oil; wine: barbera or barberesco; dessert: apple compote, gelato


And of course, there’s no rush on being the only cook in the kitchen.

“I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.” -Julia Child

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